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Backed by rich industry experience, our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a commendable range of Overwrapping Machines. It is a versatile machine which can wrap cylindrical, cubical and cuboids shaped solid products. This machine is used for collating and wrapping products in bundles of different shapes and sizes. Overwrapping Machine is also known as Cellophane Wrapping machine, manufactured by our company is based on latest technology and is used extensively for perfume carton and box wrapping. Overwrapping Machine has found its application in wide spectrum, which includes medical box, gum, health products, cubic sugar, cigarette, tape, soap and so on.
Our Overwrapping Machine is known globally for its aesthetic sealing of cartons and boxes. We offer this machine with a wide range of sealing bar widths along with multiple sealing bar options. It is suitable for every application, which requires longitudinal sealing at the bottom of the product. The machine also possess different types of feeding systems along with standard one accompanied by pushing rods and it also protect products from water and dust. The position of the lateral seal of the overwrap is extremely important. It is sometimes required that the lateral seal appears on the trailing edge of the carton. Our range of Cellophane Wrapping Machine is dedicated to this style of presentation and others where the seal is positioned on the base of the product.

For multi pack wrapping the product collating and handling systems can often be as important as the over wrapper itself. We have developed collating systems that can accept as many as 750 cartons or 1500 pouches per minute. We use latest electronics and pneumatic technologies and optimum quality raw materials in our manufacturing process of this Cellophane Wrapping Machine. We offer heavy duty this machine which is available in several arranged feeders and that too at very economical prices. 

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ROPP Capping Machines Features of Overwrapping Machine:

  • High speed wrapping.
  • Prevent moisture damage.
  • Digital temperature controller.
  • Tear Tape Arrangement is optional.
  • Rotary cutter for smooth cutting of the film.
  • High gloss and clarity of pack value and visual appeal.
  • Can handle various sizes of cartons with change parts.
  • In feed conveyor for feeding directly from the cartooning machine.
  • Known for its unique designed Features, minimum labour requirement.
  • Interlocking arrangement can be connected online to the cartooning machine.
  • This machine is most suitable for small to medium size cartons like small shaving blades to erasers to playing cards to small pharma tablet cartons.
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